Our Maintenance And Repair Services

CHILLER Maintenance And Repair Service

Importance of Maintenance for Chiller
First functioning and maintenance of Chiller devices should be carried out at the beginning of the season and end of their functioning should be at the end of the season by the expert. Therefore, you will guarantee unproblematic functioning for the first functioning.

Importance of Periodic Maintenance for Chiller
It prolongs the life of the device.
If decreases the risk of malfunction in the system. It decreases the energy consumption of Chiller.
It decreases the repair cost of Chiller.
If decreases the gas leakage of refrigerator.

Maintenance which you will provide for your refrigerating device enables your device’s life to be prolonged. When it is applied two times in a year regularly, it will be a measure to prevent the malfunction of your devices. Periodic maintenance should be provided for your device to function properly.
Its performance decreases.
Energy consumption increases by 30%.
Its lifetime decreases because its compressor will not be able to function properly. It causes cost increase in a short-run.

Our Maintenance And Repair Services

What Should Be Done During Chiller Maintenance


  • Supply Voltage Control
  • Control Voltage Control
  • Removing and Cleaning Contacts
  • Insurance and Contactor Control
  • Thermal Relay Control
  • Cable Shoe Tightness Control
  • Power Cables Isolation Control
  • Elect. Card Solvent Cleaning
  • Compressor Voltage Measure
  • Compressor Amperage Measure
  • Compressor Suction Pressure Measure
  • Compressor Hold-Down Pressure Measure
  • Compressor Thermal Control
  • Crankcase Heater Control
  • Resistance Measure Between Coils
  • Superheat Measure
  • Compressor Heat Control
  • Crankcase Oil Acid Test
  • Oil level control
  • Seal Controls
  • Leak and Oil Control through Eye
  • Leak Control with Foam
  • Gas Charge
  • Valve Leak Control
  • Threaded Connection Tore Control
  • Functional Control of Valves
  • General Mechanical Control
  • System Suction Pressure Measure
  • System Hold-Down Pressure Measure
  • Transmission Wedge Control
  • Water Pressure Control
  • Refrigerator Exchanger Control
  • Condenser Control
  • Condenser Chemical Cleaning
  • Cond. Fan Voltage Measure
  • Cond. Fan Amperage Measure
  • Condenser Fan Bearing Control
  • Condenser Fan Bearing Change
  • Sight Glass Moisture Control
  • Drayer Control
  • Drayer Change
  • Selenoid Valve Functioning Control
  • Control Unit Control
  • Low Pressure Pressurestat Control
  • High Pressure Pressurestat Control
  • Facility Thermostat Control
  • Measuring Censors Control
  • Clipping Circuits Control


CHILLER Maintenance And Repair Service
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