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We produce comfortable and high-end products for homes, factories, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and residences.

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Aref Experience

We continue to take firm steps in the sector by providing fast, safe and uninterrupted service quality to the needs of our customers in the field of chiller cooling.

Superior Technology

Our company follows technology closely and produce more efficient devices which will decrease the energy consumption for our customers. Equipment used in Chiller devices comply with European standards and provide high efficiency.

Widespread Service Network

We are always there for you with the broad Chiller technical service network all around Turkey. We guarantee to you 2 hours service within Istanbul; 4 hours for out of Istanbul.

A+ Material Quality

AREF SOĞUTMA SİSTEMLERİ which provide customer satisfaction with its domestic and foreign products and services has EN ISO 9001: 2008 and CE certificates.

Aref Chiller Cooling Systems

Chiller refrigerating systems are one of the significant devices used in various macro constructions especially in climatization units, hospitals, universities and shopping malls. System is air-cooled Chiller system which directs liquid gas system which is heated within the environment and involves refrigerating function to the refrigerating channels and stabilizes it thanks to the high pressure fans. It is located in the areas where water efficiency is low. Installment is preferred to be carried out in airy places such as attics.

Thanks to these systems, establishment and foundations staff and their customers and also our public can benefit from them. Chiller refrigerating systems are the systems which are commonly used and highly preferred. They exhibit outstanding success in refrigerating and stabilizing environment operations.Water-cooled Chiller which is equipped with mold cooling technology have been designed after considered in details to prevent any change in the structure of mold material because of the fast changes between the high temperature and low temperature.

Water-cooled Chiller systems in places where water efficiency is high is the system which is powered by injection refrigerating technology, in which high flow water current is used for cooling the gas and tower-type fans are used by directing it towards the above for cooling the water. Installment is preferred to be carried out in closed places such as basements. In the same time because of the increase in the compressor functioning performance, it shows much lower power consumption and high functioning performance. In the same time it provides saving on area for 60% or more compared to the air-cooled Chiller devices. 

Chiller refrigerating systems have been designed according to the needs of each environment not as a single type standard unit. They are actively used in various sectors such as small business facilities or apartment flat, factories and residences, schools, small factories, sites,state institutions and organizations, hotels, banks, business centers, bus terminals, etc. There is a chiller device suitable for the sizes and needs of every environment and by also considering within the scope of saving. Thanks to Chiller refrigerating systems, you can save on expenses and visual pollution in different items.


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