The Sectors For Which We Provide Service

The Sectors For Which We Provide Service On CHILLER Refrigerating

As Aref Soğutma; we are carrying out business as your solution partner in chiller refrigerating sector through our years long experience and knowledge. We are continuing to take firm steps towards the sector by providing fast, reliable and continuous service quality for the needs of our customers in Chiller refrigerating field.

Together with our dynamic cadre and management unit consisting of people who are closely following the technological developments, we are carrying out products which are solution-oriented.

As Chiller refrigerating solution partner, we are providing service in the following fields for the health, plastic, document, food, rubber, packing, coating, chemical, construction and textile sectors.

Health Sector
Pet CT
Radiotherapy Devices
Laboratory Devices
Pharmaceutical Industry
Plastic Sector
Plastic Injection Machines
Plastic Puffing Machines
Cable Extruder Machines
Profile Extruder Machines
Pipe Extruder Machines
Film Extruder Machines
Granule And Recycling Extruder Machines
Polyurethane Machines
XPS, EPS Extruder Machines
Thermoform Shaping Machines
Metallic Injection Machines
Induction Casting Furnace
Heat Treatment Furnace
Vacuum Hardening Furnace
Milk Pasteurization Devices
Milk Cooling
Food Filling Machine
Fizzy Drink Filling Lines
Food Process Lines
Wine Fermentation
Rubber Sector
Cord, Seal Extruder Machines
Banbury Mixing Machines
Rubber Presses
Base Injection Machines
Packing Sector
Lamination Machines
Engraving Machines
Coloring Bath
Cataphoresis Coating Baths
Chrome, Nickel, Copper, Aluminum Coating Baths
Eloxal Coating Baths
Galvano Baths
Chemical Reactors
Color Reactors
Jacketed Tanks
Cosmetic Filling Lines
Construction Sector
Batch Plants
Hotel, Hospital, Industry Facilities Factory Central System Cooling
Central Water Cooling Systems
Thread Machines
Awning Cylinder Machine
Ice-Staking Rink
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